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Find out the top 12 cities in the country for launching a startup.

Best Cities to Launch a Small Business

By DeVry University

There’s more to choosing a company’s home base than tax rates and safety. To aid in their small business’ success, entrepreneurs should seek cities with readily available resources and a strong community.

The Forbes article entitled “The Best Places to Launch a Startup in 2014,” recently highlighted the top 12 U.S. cities for small business owners to consider based on various factors such as percentage of existing small businesses.  The article demonstrates how supportive small business communities bode well for a company’s long-term growth.

According to the findings, this year’s entrepreneurs should look west and consider the top-ranking San Diego as a potential headquarters for their small business.

“Small enterprises ranked in the top five on nearly every category to lift San Diego into the top slot. There is heavy concentration in projected high growth industries, as well as a high likelihood of accepting credit cards and adopting social media. San Diego is home to the fifth-best rated business community in the country.”

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