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Learn how healthcare experts successfully leverage big data in their respective fields.

How to Make Big Data Work

By DeVry University

Big data is often used to describe the growing availability of information within society. In healthcare, effectively managing large amounts of data helps to keep patient records, test results and payment information organized which in turn allows professionals to focus on providing the best quality service possible.

A MedCity News article and accompanying video, “Entrepreneurs at Work: It Takes More Than Number Crunchers to Make Big Data Useful, takes an in-depth look at how four health-focused entrepreneurs make sense of the data they are given, and in turn, use it efficiently in their every-day fields. For example, family practice physician Dr. Linda Girgis receives test results electronically and those results are automatically stored in her patients’ records.

Though each healthcare industry professional is tasked with using their data differently, they all share a common end goal: streamlining the process to make healthcare better for all.

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