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Understand the importance of an internship when considering a career in health information technology

The Importance of Health IT Internships

By DeVry University

Looking to launch a career? In today’s world, an internship in your desired field is your best bet to help start your career. A study conducted by suggests that internships are the “new interview” based on the considerable amount of time students spend at an internship site. This holds true for many industries, including healthcare information technology.

According to a recent Healthcare IT News article entitled “The Case for Health IT Internships,” there is an increased demand for individuals in healthcare IT, and securing a related internship puts students in a great position to jumpstart their career in the field. Not only does an internship provide hands-on experience many employers seek, they also help in developing the skills needed for long-term career success.

If you are considering a career in health information technology, it is important to understand how important a health IT internship is for a future in the industry.