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Take a look at 11 tips for job fair success

Make It Worth Your Time: Job Fair Tips

By DeVry University

Contrary to popular opinion, job fairs are relevant. Many employers use these professional events to seek out prospective candidates and job seekers are provided the opportunity to connect with companies and make valuable first impressions.

To make the most of the job fair experience, a recent Business Insider article entitled “11 Tips to Get Something Useful Out of a Job Fair,” highlights important tips from various career development experts.

“Dress like you would for an interview. What you wear is important. Job fairs are typically large events with a lot of people, and you’ll stand out with your well-chosen wardrobe,” says Katharine S. Brooks, executive director of the Office of Personal and Career Development at Wake Forest University.” 

Is there a job fair in your future? Get prepared and read the full article for additional advice from the experts.