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Check out six steps to take as you re-launch your career

Time for a Change: Re-launch Your Career

By DeVry University

After taking time away from corporate America, some may find the transition back to the workforce difficult. Luckily, with determination and the proper strategy in place, re-launching your career can be successful and easy.

A recent U.S. News & World Report article entitled, “A Game Plan for Relaunching Your Career,” offers tips for workplace re-entry from Allison O’Kelly, CEO and founder of Mom Corps, a staffing and career development firm catering to professionals seeking alternative work options.

“Perhaps you’d like to re-enter the workforce doing the same type of job you had before you left. Maybe your feelings have changed since you last worked and you’d prefer to shift into a new field or role. It’s impossible to land a job before you have a clear vision of what you want to do; it’s like trying to find a location without directions or a map. Spend time identifying your goals so you have a clear endpoint in mind,” said O’Kelly.

Those looking to join the workforce again may consider returning to school to best prepare and transition. Check out the video Can I Go Back to College, about one DeVry University student’s experience returning to college to help jumpstart a new chapter in life.