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The lack of soft skills applied in higher education leads to workplace gaps

A Millennial Skills Gap in the Workplace

By DeVry University

A number of differences can lead to friction among professionals who make up today’s workplace. To some experts, unpreparedness and a lack of soft skills taught in classrooms across the country are preventing millennials from exhibiting or even possessing the skills hiring managers seek in candidates, including self-confidence, strong work ethic, the ability to learn from constructive criticism and even a positive attitude.

A Chief Learning Officer article entitled, “Why Don’t They Teach Corporate in College?,” features a helpful Q&A on closing the skills gap with Alexandra Levit, DeVry University Career Advisory Board member and author of “They Don’t Teach Corporate in College: A Twenty-Something’s Guide to the Business World. ”

“According to the 2013 Job Preparedness Indicator, an annual survey conducted by the Career Advisory Board established by DeVry University, 72% of job seekers are confident they know how to present their skill and experience, however, just 15% of hiring managers say most job seekers have the skills and traits their companies are looking for in candidates.”

In the article, Levit explains why recent graduates have a problem entering and adjusting to life in a corporate setting while noting what previous generations can do to help millennials as they navigate the corporate world.