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Interview Time: Elevator Pitch Tips

An elevator pitch is meant to be a quick and concise statement used to define a person and demonstrate what he or she can bring to a company or organization. In a short span of 15-30 seconds, the length of an elevator ride, job candidates should be able to highlight job experience, skills and ambitions to express why they are the perfect job candidate, such as – “I help people figure out what to say and how to say it, to get the results they want.”

In the Forbes article entitled “How to Craft a Job Search Elevator Pitch” experts in the human resources and career coaching fields sound off on what job seekers can do to develop the perfect answer to the popular question – “Tell me about yourself.”

“Write it out. Connie Thanasoulis, a career services consultant at the job search Web site, recommends filling a page with the things you'd want to say to a hiring manager. Then cut that down to half a page, then a quarter page and finally to three bullet points that give a snapshot of your career.”

For more expert tips on how to craft the perfect elevator pitch, read the full article.