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HR professionals provide an exclusive look at important job seeking tips.

Top Secret Job Seeker Tips from HR Professionals

Hiring managers receive a high volume of resumes every day. Each one represents the many candidates who each want to be noticed. With so many candidates vying for one position, job seekers may wonder what they are doing wrong or how they can better stand out in the crowd.

The U.S. News & World Report article, “HR Insider Secrets to Finding Top Talent,” shares a number of helpful hints from the other side of the interview process – the HR professional.  Kara Bendetto, vice president of human resources North America at Linedata, a financial services software vendor, explains how she knows the perfect fit for the position when she sees them. She suggests various ways candidates can make themselves a more attractive option to potential employers:

“Favor employee referrals over recruiters. Without question, employee referrals are the cheapest, most effective way to get our best new employees. Our current employees know the company, the culture and who they would value working next to.”

HR professionals tend to hone in on candidates’ behavior during an interview. Those who shake hands too lightly or appear disheveled are less likely to make a strong impression.

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