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Xbox®: Careers and Culture Behind the Device

By DeVry University

Imagine going to work to build a fantasy land of knights and princesses. Or, maybe today you will create an awesome new race track. How about crafting an alternative universe? This is what employees do at Xbox®, a division of Microsoft®. From developing concepts to programming games and marketing the products, the Microsoft® team works together to continue to create some of the best gaming systems available, like Xbox® One, a gaming system release in 2013 that continues to be Xbox’s most successful launch in history.[1]

You might be surprised by the unusual variety of career options at Xbox®, which range from program developers to environmental artists to architects. To learn more, DeVry University tapped into Letty Cherry, director of public relations of Xbox® at Microsoft®, to find out the common career paths among their video game professionals, and uncovered some unique aspects of their company culture along the way.


Many people and skill sets are necessary to develop a device, starting with research and product development and ending with marketing. Learn more about what it is like to work at Xbox® and how to get there.


Curiosity Killed the Cat: Not the Xbox®.
Curiosity is necessary for success here. Question things, look at the unknown and dream big.

Have Passion:  The employees at Xbox® have a true love for games and the teams they work with daily. They understand creative goals, the limitations and they dream up what will make the next game even better.

Get a Degree: Whether you want to become a programmer or marketer, you must have a bachelor’s degree to start in this field. Find mentors in your classrooms to build your confidence and smarts in the field.


Move and Grow:
Employees focus on personal and professional development with a mentor program that encourages shadowing, and continued learning.
Speak Up: Xbox® allows for lateral movement and understands the importance of passion. If you don’t love your current project, tell someone andthe right fit will be found.

Employees are the Product: The success of a product relies on the engineering. Xbox® recognizes the engineers – artistically, programmatically and more – that are behind the success of each product.


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