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The Careers Behind Your Favorite Device: A Tablet

By DeVry University

Since Apple introduced its first iPad® in 2010, tablets have revolutionized how we consume news and entertainment, check email and social networks, and interact with one another online.[1] The popularity of this device is evident in the International Data Corporation forecasts[2], which predict more tablets will ship globally in 2015 than desktop and laptop computers combined.

Sure, you know about Steve Jobs and remember what the sales rep told you about your tablet, but have you ever wondered about the people behind-the-scenes of the device? From software development to design, learn about the careers that help make the tablet so successful.


The bread-and-butter within your tablet, software programmers keep it running and serve as the brains behind software updates.

•  #30 on U.S. News & World Report’s “Best Jobs of 2014”[3]

•  $74,280 median pay[4]



Sleek visuals and designs are the tablet’s hallmark, and we have professional designers to thank for producing our eye candy.

•  277,665 projected jobs by 2022 (7% growth over 2012 data)[5]

•  #1 job growth among top five design occupations in 2014[6]

•  25% are self-employed[7]



What would we do without our shopping, books, social and gaming apps?

•  $10 billion spent on apps in 2013[8]

•  200+ mobile app development companies exist[9]

•  22% job growth between 2012-22 (much faster than average)[10]



How can all this live within such a slim profile? Electronic engineers are tablet architects who develop next generation solutions that are even more impressive.

•  34,270 electronics engineers based in California [11]

•  4 year bachelor’s degree is the minimum education needed to pursue this field



Effective marketing can make or break a product. Most successful consumer electronics are supported by a wide range of marketing professionals, from advertising and PR execs to brand managers.

•  12% average job growth in marketing[12]

•  $115,750 median salary for marketing managers[13]

•  14.8 million iPad® units sold in its first year – exceeding initial projections with much credit given to marketing[14]


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