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IT Skills for 2014

By DeVry University

There is no shortage of information technology career opportunities in the United States. The job outlook in IT is expected to grow rapidly over the next year with one survey noting 32% of companies plan to increase the number of IT professionals employed.[1]

In the Forbes article, “Top IT Skills for 2014,” industry leaders share areas within the field that are in highest demand and in turn the areas of expertise where, job seekers will want to focus their efforts and gain experience.

IT professionals trained in big data and cybersecurity are two examples of increasingly sought-after employees. Security jobs alone account for 10% of IT job postings; in fact, Burning Glass Technologies, a labor-market analytics firm, confirmed cybersecurity job postings have increased by 74% since 2007.

For more in-demand areas of expertise in the IT field, read the full article or request information about a degree program in computer information systems.