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DeVry University Launches Three Massive Open Online Courses

By Jodi Zanella, DeVry University Academics
Making education accessible to students with an “anytime, anywhere” philosophy has been a focus for DeVry University for over a decade.  As a longtime provider of online education, we are pleased to announce the launch of three Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), giving people around the world the opportunity to experience a DeVry University course for no cost.  The MOOC topics - Career Development, Cyber Security, and Financial Analysis - reflect DeVry University’s career-oriented curriculum and are delivered by professors who are real-world experts in their field.

“The professors selected to teach the MOOCs have been innovating in their classrooms and experimenting with delivering course work through different forms of new media for some time,” comments Emily Smith, National College Dean of College of Continuing Education.  DeVry students were also involved with the making of the MOOCs as the Creative Design Incubator student team at the Miramar, Fla., campus produced them, adding to their portfolio of work.

MOOC Participants can take a course at their own pace by watching recorded lessons and test their newfound knowledge along the way with periodic quizzes.

Learn more about the courses and professors teaching the curriculum below:

Marketing Yourself for Career Success

The Marketing Yourself for Career Success course provides tools and techniques to help learners become strong and dynamic job search candidates, better equipped to handle today’s competitive job market. Students will learn about self-assessment; resume, cover letter and reference tips; what to do before, during and after the interview as well as after the offer; and tips for career success.

This course is taught by Helene Martucci Lamarre, DeVry University Senior Professor.  Professor Lamarre has many years of experience teaching career development classes at DeVry and working with private clients, has successfully assisted many job seekers in realizing their career goals and is a distinguished professor who has received several awards for her creative and academic contributions.

She is also the author of five books used extensively throughout the United States and Canada that cover personal marketing, job search techniques, and career portfolios.

Cyber Security: Protect and Defend


The Cyber Security: Protect and Defend course helps students become familiar with essential concepts in information security, including most of the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) knowledge domains. These critical topics include hackers, malware, phishing scams, and malicious Internet activity; how to create security controls; cryptography, the science of encryption; identity and authentication systems; cloud security; intrusion detection; incident response; and contingency planning.

This course also includes an example of a security exercise and action items for developing an information security plan. Students will complete the course with an understanding of the many ways to protect data in network security systems.

This course is taught by DeVry University’s Professor, Robert Bunge, MS, MBA, from the College of Engineering and Information Sciences.  Professor Bunge holds master’s degrees from Stanford University, University of Washington, and Keller Graduate School of Management and is currently working toward a doctoral degree in business with emphasis on information security.  He has been an information security educator for the past eight years and is an active coach and organizer in the Cybersecurity Competition Federation, Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition, National Cyber League, and CyberPatriot.

Financial Analysis: A Recipe for Success

The Financial Analysis: A Recipe for Success course is designed to help demystify business financials. Students will learn how to conduct the financial analysis of a project from start to finish and be provided with tools that allow them to generate a meaningful and accurate financial analysis of their own. In addition, students will learn about zero-based budgets; time value of money; discount rates; cash flows; risk and contingency, net present value, return on investment (ROI); and payback.

This course is taught by DeVry University Professor and CPA Ellen Jakovich.  From U.S. Marine to purple-haired CPA, Professor Jakovich is a self-proclaimed “nerd-of-all-trades” who has worked in IT, communications, finance, electronic engineering, project management, accounting and served as ghost writer of congressional testimony and official speeches.

After laying down her rifle in 2004, she was hired by DeVry University and its Keller Graduate School of Management to teach finance and accounting full-time and has been teaching ever since. Professor Jakovich has a bachelor’s in Electronic Engineering Technology from Texas A&M, a Masters of Science in Finance from George Washington University, and a Masters of Accounting & Financial Management from Keller Graduate School of Management.

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