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Tech expertise alone no longer lands you a job. You must also have developed soft skills.

Grads Most Likely To… [Get a Job]

By DeVry University

Graduation season is here. After the celebrations end, caps tossed and diplomas awarded, many graduates are without a job. According to a recent survey, only 11% of the 2014 graduating class had secured employment two months prior to graduation.[1]

Many assume students who focus in technical careers will get jobs based on expertise alone. However, earning a college degree is just one part of landing a dream job. The best candidates have both education and soft skills that make them relatable, interesting and qualified.

“Of course hiring managers want employees who exhibit technical knowledge in the field,” says Madeleine Slutsky, vice president, career and student services for DeVry University. “But today’s most qualified grads also possess strong social aptitude, helping them standout when multiple candidates with similar experience are being considered.”

Take a look at five growing tech jobs and accompanying soft skills that could take your job search to the next level:


Linking hard knowledge and soft skills can help launch you to the top of the candidate pool – and hopefully into a successful career.



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