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How to become a successful contract worker

Prepping to Become a Contract Worker: Freelancing Tips

By DeVry University

The American workforce landscape is shifting from full-time, traditional employment to contract work. It’s predicted that over the next 10-15 years, as many as half of American professionals will be contract workers, earning incomes from multiple organizations. DeVry University understands the landscape and is working with its resources to best prepare students for the new workforce environment.

DeVry University’s Career Advisory Board and Gene Zaino’s MBO Partners recently surveyed contract workers to identify the necessary skill sets and traits to transition into a successful contractor role. In the Forbes byline, “Are You Ready to Be a Contract Worker? Now is the Time to Prepare,” Career Advisory Board member Alexandra Levit outlines tips for seamless transition, including assessing strengths and weaknesses and sourcing client base locally.

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