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Learn about the surprising and unexpected career paths in social media.

Unexpected, Awesome Social Media Careers

By Laura Krawisz

According to the Pew Research Center, 73% of adults use social networks.[1] In fact, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are so popular that the average American spends 16 minutes on social media every hour.[2]

 As social networks gain popularity, companies increasingly have a social media presence; 77% of Fortune 500 companies keep Twitter accounts and 70% are on Facebook. This has steadily increased over the last year, giving way to a variety social media careers.[3]

If social media is a large part of your personal life, check out these unexpected career paths that might be a great fit for you.


A social media analyst navigates behind the scenes to lay out best practices for success. The job requires the ability to monitor and track a company’s online presence, including followers, fans, traffic, clicks and more to draw key insights for the overall digital strategy.[4]

The job outlook for social media analysts is promising, as these platforms continue to play a large part in our lives. Jobs in this category are expected to see a 32% growth.[5]



After data has been analyzed and key insights drawn, the social media strategist develops recommendations for an overall engagement plan and ensures the best practices are activated and tracked for the company and/or brand.[6]

Jobs in this category are expected to grow 12% over the next 10 years.[7]



The community manager develops high-quality content and manages all social channels, including posting content, fan and follower interactions and ensuring the company’s message is presented effectively. The community manager serves as the middleman between a brand and its online community.[8]

The need for community managers will continue to grow at a rate of approximately 12% over the next 10 years.[9]



Social media marketing managers implement, oversee and manage the overall social marketing strategy and tactics, including content and design, with the goal of driving audience growth and bringing brands to the forefront. Helping adapt the content to match the needs of each social platform is an important responsibility of the social media marketing manager.[10]

Careers as a social media marketing managers are on the rise and expected to see a consistent 12% growth rate between 2014 and 2022[11]



A search engine optimization specialist helps generate traffic to a company’s website or social channels with the use of key search terms to help improve a brand’s search engine ranking and visibility.[12]

Jobs in SEO are becoming increasingly essential as companies invest more in digital marketing. SEO specialists are looking at a 12% annual growth rate.[13]



Software or application developers are the creative minds behind smartphone, tablet and computer applications. The app developer takes a specification, writes code and produces new content for applications.[14]

As technology advances, there will continue to be a need for new applications and professionals to write code, create algorithms, analyze and solve issues. Those in the field have a 22% employment growth outlook over the next decade.[15]

As students prepare for careers in social media, they may wonder what areas of study will help them succeed in the industry. Degrees in business administration and marketing provide the background and experience necessary for exceptional writing and communication skills, as well as a business perspective on digital/Internet marketing. For analyst or developer positions, a technology degree and experience in web development, coding and backend data for social platforms come in handy for everyday work.

If you love social media and think you might be fit for a job in the field, check out the various degree programs in technology, marketing and business that ladder to these various careers.  Request additional information from DeVry University today.




By: Laura Krawisz