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DeVry University Students at Phi Beta Lambda Competition

DVU Students Make Their Mark at Phi Beta Lambda Competition

By Jodi Zanella

Congratulations to our Seattle Phi Beta Lambda chapter for outstanding performance at the Phi Beta Lambda 2014 National Conference, which took place in June. Nine students traveled to Nashville, Tennessee to participate in competitive events that included completing tests, delivering presentations, acting out business scenarios, creating business documents or developing websites. All of the students made it to the final round of their event category and five students placed in the top 10 for five events. 

“It’s wonderful that our students did so well in these competitions but I’m even more proud that they challenged themselves by going outside of their comfort zone and risking failure,” commented Lisa Power, College of Business & Management professor.

Students began preparation for the competition in early 2014 by identifying the events they wanted to participate in and then worked closely with Seattle campus faculty members to prepare for a local state competition before being able to move on to Nationals. Professor Carol Tuominen from the College of Engineering & Information Sciences and Lisa were faculty advisors on the five-day national trip who coached students by helping them practice for question and answer sessions, running through case studies and “what if” scenarios. As if the daily heat of competition and pressure of performing well enough wasn’t enough, students spent their evenings preparing for final exams, which they were able to complete remotely from the event. One student, Emmanuel Adigun even competed in the statistical analysis event and graduated all in the same week.

The student team of Mike Wilson and Travis Logue took home first place in the Network Design category. Mike, a Computer Information Sciences student, learned he was competing in the event only two weeks prior due to a cancellation and worked closely with Travis, a Network & Communications Management student, to prepare. “I knew that it was going to be a challenge.  Mike and I prepared for multiple scenarios in light of possibly facing a network design challenge that would require a masterful understanding of technologies new and old, reasonable price points, as well as flexible solutions,” said Travis. We went over multiple case study scenarios covering a wide range of business needs and technologies.  We knew that regardless of how technologically great our solution was, the most important parts were to meet the needs of the customer, express how our solution met those needs and win the customer by demonstrating our competency and concern for their best interest.  Consequently, the continual presentation practice that we had with professors Tuominen and Power was pivotal to our success.”

Future Business Leaders of America-Phi Beta Lambda is a nonprofit education association and one of the largest business career student organizations in the world with over 11,000 college students in its postsecondary division1. In addition to providing students with the experience of competing, the organization also gives members the opportunity to network with other Phi Beta Lambda chapters through seminars and conferences. For instance, at the National competition, students were invited to attend a networking meeting where the Washington chapters got together to socialize and talk about what events they plan to participate in 2015. Furthermore, the students who participated in the national competition together formed an unbreakable bond as was demonstrated when they all attended a Phi Beta Lambda picnic and brought their families along so they could meet one another and share stories about their trip. “There was so much that we took away from the overall experience and we truly bonded as a team. The pressure and effort that goes along with the competition really makes you into a better leader, team player, worker, and student,” said Travis.


Students who placed:

1st PLACE in NETWORK DESIGN: Team of Mike Wilson and Travis Logue

4th PLACE in CYBER SECURITY: Travis Logue

5th PLACE in WEBSITE DESIGN: Team of Mike Wilson and Derek Miller




Students who were within the top 15 of individual and team finishers in the nation for objective tests and performance events:

BUSINESS ETHICS: team of Daisy Dobbins, Ashley Simmons and Jake Tucker








Front Row, left to right:  Daisy Dobbins, Travis Logue, Ashley Simmons, Michael Wilson
Back Row, left to right: Prof. Carol Tuominen, Paul Pechin, Philip Bonesteel, Jake Tucker, Prof. Lisa Power
Not Pictured:  Emmanuel Adigun, Derek Miller